Advierten del riesgo de la dieta Dukan sin control médico

La nutricionista tinerfeña Elisabeth García cree que excluir determinados grupos de alimentos puede generar serios problemas, incluidos cardiovasculares.
EL DÍA, S/C de Tenerife

La médico especializada en nutrición Elisabeth García advierte de los riesgos de seguir dietas, como la impulsada desde Francia por Pierre Dukan, sobre todo sin
someterse a un estricto control médico. Según García, este método de adelgazamiento está basado en una alimentación hiperproteica, que "excluye determinados
grupos de alimentos y donde se puede comer todas las proteínas que se quiera". Y esa idea, sin una regulación médica, en función del caso de cada persona, puede
resultar dañina para la salud. A juicio de dicha nutricionista tinerfeña, los seguidores de estos procedimientos pueden entrar en el proceso de "cetosis", que significa
sensación de saciedad, de no tener hambre. Pero un exceso de proteínas conlleva un daño renal y hepático, según Elisabeth García.

Esta médico manifiesta que las víctimas de estos problemas quieren obtener una pérdida rápida de peso y no tener hambre, aunque no son conscientes de los daños
que pueden surgir si se saltan al médico.

Indica que las consecuencias en estos casos pueden ser varias, incluidas las arritmias o infartos.

En julio de 2011, Dukan llevó a los tribunales a otro médico, el doctor Cohen, por criticar sus procedimientos. Pero Dukan perdió el juicio y fue condenado a pagar
unos 3.000 euros a Cohen.

García señala que, tras el verano, le llegó el caso de una joven de 27 años que había seguido la dieta Dukan durante más de dos meses sin control médico. Empezó a
sentir calambres y sensación de palpitaciones. Al final, padeció una arritmia cardiaca. En un informe emitido el 12 de abril de 2011, la Asociación Española de
Dietistas y Nutricionistas desaconsejó encarecidamente el "método o dieta" propuesto por Dukan, "por ser ineficaz, fraudulento y potencialmente peligroso". Y dicha
opinión del Grupo de Revisión, Estudio y Posicionamiento del citado colectivo se basa en la ausencia de un fundamento científico, cumplir las características de las
dietas fraudulentas, que las afirmaciones hechas en su publicidad pueden considerarse ilegales, errónea atribución de capacidad adelgazante a las proteínas
dietéticas, contradicciones con los consensos de expertos y potenciales daños asociados al seguimiento de su "método". Y en noviembre de 2010, la Agencia
Francesa para la Seguridad Alimentaria dijo que la dieta Dukan puede comportar desequilibrios nutricionales y puede ser altamente arriesgada, "ya que podría
comportar alteraciones somáticas, psicológicas, hormonales, de crecimiento o de rendimiento".

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Revitalise your skin with new technique

Biostimulation is the new method for eliminating wrinkles and tackling aging of the skin.
Biostimulation is the new method for eliminating wrinkles and tackling aging of the skin. The RAF Laser Centre of Aesthetic Medicine and Nutrition at Los Cristianos are
pioneers within the Canary Islands in using this type of procedure.

It is a physiological and natural process that utilises your own proteins, selected and concentrated, to repair the damage produced by the passing of time or by the
effects of the sun.
The results are really excellent and improve the skin dramatically, making it more youthful and correcting defects.
Biostimulation works by stimulating and regenerating the cells, achieving an increase in the thickness of the epidermis, together with a recovery in the consistency of
its elas-ticity, an improvement in circulation and a greater smoothness of the skin.
The greatest advantage, however, is in the fact that the patient's own cells are used so this does not lead to any allergic reaction, rejection or illness.
The use of rich plasma in platelets is a relatively new procedure.  Many people have not heard about this 'growth method' before but are amazed when they see the
results on someone else's face or another part of their body. It encourages them to take advantage of this unique and innovative option to bring a new glow to their face
or body.
What does the procedure involve?
First of all, a blood sample is taken from the patient, the same amount as if you were going for a normal blood test. It is then processed so that the different factors are
separated. One of these parts is the platelets which allow growth. This processing only takes a short time and can be carried out during the consultation. It is an easy
technique to apply but the results are extraordinary and lasting.
Once the rich plasma growth factors have been obtained, it is applied in the dermis by means of microinjections.
Visible results in the quality of the skin are always achieved but obviously, treating a person of 35 who has looked after their skin is not the same as working with a 60
year old who has not taken care of themselves or has damaged their skin through the effects of the sun or smoking. It is necessary to stop certain habits if you want
your skin to look good and this includes stopping smoking, protecting yourself against the skin, following a good diet etc.  All this will also help your skin. Nevertheless,
the effects of biostimulation are still good and will produce regeneration and rejuvenation.
For whom is it suitable?
For anyone who feels their skin is not so soft or is showing signs of aging on any part of their body. 
Where can it be applied?  
On the skin of the face, neck and neckline, it is excellent for reducing fine wrinkles and expression lines, firming up the skin and giving it a healthy glow.
On your hands, it will improve elasticity and produce smoother skin.
It can also be used on the abdomen, legs, and inner thighs to improve softness.
If you are interested in this new procedure, do get in touch with the centre. The medical team is highly qualified in all aspects of health and treats every patient as an
individual. Procedures are specially designed to achieve the best results in each client and their whole well-being is very much a priority.
You can find details of how to contact the centre, together with other services offered, at the bottom of page 33 and in each edition, we will look at a new technique.

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Estos son los últimas notas de prensa escritas por la Dra. Eliza Garcia Bonomé y su equipo en distintos medios de comunicación mundial. 

Cosmetic beauty to beat the crisis

We may be living in very demanding times financially with most people feeling pressure on their purse-strings, but even so there is still huge interest in cosmetic
beauty, personal fitness and well-being and for trying always to look your very best through your skin, body and face.

Fortunately, today's aesthetic medical techniques and services are very wide and can achieve excellent results at prices people can still afford. And the more clients
who utilise them, the more the prices come down, ensuring that neither your pocket or your beauty suffers.
In this article, the RAF Laser Center of Aesthetic Medicine and Nutrition at Los Cristianos looks at some of the techniques which are available at prices much less than
you would imagine.
1.  Eliminate wrinkles with BOTOX:
Research shows that lots of people would like to get rid of facial wrinkles caused by expression such as their foreheads, brows and around the eyes, all caused by
years of facial gestures.
They are considered the first unwanted signs of the ageing process.
At the centre, botox is used in a rather novel and revolutionary way and can even help with remodelling of the nose. Corrections can be made without surgery by using
filling and even your gummy smile can be tackled ie if you have excessive elevation of the lip which reveals your gums when you smile.
Step by step:  
The process involves infiltration of small quantities of botox in exactly the right quantity for your face.  It might feel slightly uncomfortable but it is quick to do and can be
carried out in just one session. The results correct your wrinkles, contributing to a more relaxed and younger looking appearance but whilst still conserving your
personal characteristics and maintaining a natural expression. Usually, two sessions a year are required.
Anti-crisis tip:  Instead of having the botox applied to several zones, opt for one specific zone, for instance, your forehead or your brows, thus reducing the price you
have to pay.
2.  Rejuvenating with laser:
This really helps people whose skin has been aged by the years, through excessive exposure to the sun or simply because of genetics. The results are not just
excellent, they are spectacular.  
Step by step:  
Laser rejuvenation involves transmitting energy on to the skin through a laser light. This laser energy penetrates the skin with tiny pin pricks and allows for faster
regeneration of the cells.
The laser renews the skin's surface but also stimulates the deeper layers to correct wrinkles spots and scars, as well as substantially improving its softness and
achieving an immediate skin lifting effect.
The price is variable and depends on the number of sessions you have to treat your specific problem. This could be as little as one session to achieve light rejuvenation
to four for more severe cases of ageing or to treat spots or acne. 
Anti-crisis tip:  This technique is ideal for treatment of the centre zones of the face where more wrinkles occur and around the eyes, the neck and double chin.
Concentrating on these areas will reduce the price of the treatment.
3.  Eliminating greases and improving the overall softness of your skin with mesoterapia:  
This treatment is ideal for those who need to get rid of excess grease and firm up areas of their body, such as arms, abdomen, the stomach etc.
Step by step:  The treatment involves tiny superficial injections which break down the fat cells and firm up the areas being treated. It dissolves the fat and stimulates the
Results:  The patient will notice a significant reduction in fat and a fantastic improvement in the elasticity of the skin which also takes on a renewed softness.
Anti-crisis tip. You can choose from a package of prices to suit your budget whilst still achieving optimum results.

*The RAF Laser Centre of Aesthetic Medicine and Nutrition is staffed by a highly-trained medical team who treat each client as an individual and always have their best
interests and results as their priority. If you would like to contact them to discuss your needs or any of the treatments available, do see their advertisementin edition 381
for telephone numbers etc.

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How to banish those facial furrows

Cosmetic filling is a cost effective and highly successful way of eliminating wrinkles. When a person ages, the skin suffers important changes.

The cells are divided more slowly and the interior layer of skin (the dermis) starts to get thinner. 
The ability of your skin to recover from damage also diminishes with age. The network of elasticity and fibres of collagen, which provide support to the superficial layers
of the skin, becomes looser and the skin loses its elasticity.
With age, you will also notice that your skin becomes less translucent because the sebaceous glands, which secrete moisture, do not work so effectively and
therefore deprive your skin of protective emulsions.
The capacity of the skin to conserve humidity then diminishes, causing dryness and flakiness. 
As a result of all this, wrinkles are produced, forming furrows to emphasise the loss of elasticity and volume.
Wrinkles usually begin to appear when you about 30 although this does depend on diverse factors such as your genetics, your type of skin, how much you have
exposed your skin to the sun, smoking, hormones and loss of weight.
Visually, these factors emerge as wrinkles and the decease in size of the lips, cheekbones and cheeks. In some people, this can become evident as young as 25
whilst others are lucky to last out to 50 without the same effects.
The use of cosmetic filling can be a good alternative to a facelift in order to erase wrinkles, recover volume and to redefine your facial contours. This is a process which
involves the very minimum of evasive procedure.
Clients can be offered the option of re-absorbable materials which last for a short or long duration or not so re-absorbable. The choice very much depends on their
expectations and their budget.
Every client is spoken to in great depth to discover their expectations and priorities before an option is selected. A complete medical appraisal is essential, as well as
consideration of your clinical records, before deciding what course of action to choose.
One of the filling substances available is known in Spanish as acido hialuronico which is found in the excellent product Restylane de Q-Med.  This is a human element
of the skin's network which becomes affected by age.  The product is injected with the objective of recovering internal hydration to stimulate the fibres of collagen and
elasticity. It neutralises radicals and produces an immediate filling effect.
The duration depends on your age, the depth of your wrinkles, the volume injected, the quality of your skin and of course your life-style habits.
Restylane (Nasha) is produced in a laboratory which not only satisfies the question of ethics but also eliminates risk and minimises the possibility of an allergic
The zones dealt with most through this process are the furrows on the side of your nose to the corners of your mouth, the lips (producing a better outline, emphasis and
volume), the region of the brow (forehead wrinkles) and others.
The process consists of the injection of the backfill but each material requires a specific technique that varies according to the depth of application, quantity of product
and the form of the work needed. 
The duration of the treatment depends on the zone being treated but normally it takes between 15 and 30 minutes. Before it starts, the skin is treated with an
anaesthetic cream and a decongestant mask is applied afterwards.

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Are you suffering from metabolic syndrome?

What exactly is it?

HIS condition is also known as Syndrome X, Insulin Resistance Syndrome, Reaven’s, Syndrome (after an eminent scientist) and in Australia, CHAOS.
It is the union of several illnesses or risk factors in the same individual that increase the person’s chance of suffering cardiovascular illness or diabetes. Some estimates
suggest the prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome is around 25 per cent of the population and the chances increase with age.
In Spain, data for the Canary Islands indicates the prevalence in the population is 22.4 % which triples the chances of suffering cardiovascular illness and doubles the probability
of death from heart disease or a stroke.
The actual prevalence of metabolic syndrome varies and factors like age, sex, ethnic origin, stress and way of life are all major contributory factors. What is alarming, however, is
that there has been a dramatic change in the age range of metabolic syndrome sufferers. Before, patients were usually around 50 years of age and more but now the high risk
group starts around 35. Sadly, this is due to life-style and the unhealthy habits that people pick up from a very early age, together with lack of exercise.
The actual cause of metabolic syndrome is not known. Its make-up is extremely complex. The majority of patients are older, obese, sedentary and have a certain degree of
resistance to insulin.

But how do you know if you have it?
One of the biggest signs is when obesity is concentrated in the stomach area ie central obesity together with a resistance to insulin.
According to data presented by the International Diabetes Federation in 2005, prevalence is greater when the waist measurement of a man is 94cms and 89cms for a woman
and then coupled with two or more other factors. These include your cholesterol level,  blood pressure level, elevated triglycerides and whether you have type 2 diabetes or
glucose in your blood.
Specifically, they are Raised triglycerides: > 150 mg/dL (1.7 mmol/L), or specific treatment for this lipid abnormality. Reduced HDL cholesterol: < 40 mg/dL (1.03 mmol/L) in
males, < 50 mg/dL (1.29 mol/L) in females, or specific treatment for this lipid abnormality. Raised blood pressure : systolic BP > 130 or diastolic BP >85 mm Hg, or treatment of
previously diagnosed hypertension.
Raised fasting plasma glucose:(FPG)>100 mg/dL (5.6 mmol/L), or previously diagnosed type 2 diabetes. If FPG >5.6 mmol/L or 100 mg/dL, OGTT  A glucose tolerance test is
strongly recommended but is not necessary to define presence of the syndrome. # If BMI is >30 kg/ m², central obesity can be assumed and waist circumference does not need
to be measured
Intervention and treatment has to be multifunctional and the patient looked at as a whole, rather than taking each problem separately.
All  the risks must be carefully looked at and then a great emphasis put on making changes to your life-style, such as losing weight to avoid the onset of diabetes, calling a halt to
smoking and lowering blood pressure.
If you would like to know more or feel you could be at risk and want to do something about it, then make contact with  RAF Laser and Medical Centre at Los Cristianos.

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